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“Being in action” the British Psychodrama Conference in Dublin

June 26, 2013

I returned from the conference on Sunday evening exhausted but stimulated and motivated. It has been a challenging year since May last year when I began my return to the psychotherapy world in the UK. I had been working at our retreat in the small white village in southern Spain. It was my dream, my aspiration, to live and work in the beautiful mountains. It was not to be. And for some time I found it very difficult to accept, that we would be better placed living in Manchester, England. This last year has confirmed that it was the best decision. Over the last year I have been able to use my skills in both a voluntary and paid capacity.  Working with children at “The Place 2Be” in my local primary school has been both a pleasure and a steep learning curve. Friends and colleagues have been so supportive offering a counselling room and dog sitting when I have been away all day. And reconnecting with the North West Psychodrama Group brought me back in to the fold.

You can imagine how surprised I was when I read the title of the 2013 BPA conference “Being in action” as this had been my business name since living in Spain. It was a good omen. When I arrived I felt so welcomed and over the three days connected with old friends from many years ago and met new friends who I look forward to sharing more time with.

The workshops were thought provoking and diverse; Calatonia, Emotional Freedom Technique, Action assessment, Voice in the action, all bring the body mind and spirit together through Psychodrama and action. Early morning saw me in walking meditation and Tai Chi as great ways to prepare for the day. The dinner and dancing on Saturday evening was also a most enjoyable break in the itinerary with excellent music.

So now back to work. I have a few loose ends to tie uo then I will be focusing all me energies on my therapeutic work. The conference has given me much to think about and I intend to be sharing my thoughts here as well as with you, my readers. For the moment I will take a few more days to reflect on the conference and on the last year. Please watch this space and pass on the link to any who you think may be interested.


Creativity and Spontaneity

June 9, 2013

My understanding of creativity is “the ability to bring into being through action.” This would be something new (certainly to the creator) and may be physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological. 

There are some very interesting thoughts by Adam and Allee Blatner “A Psychology and Philosophy of Play” Brunner/Mazel inc. 1997. Creativity runs hand in hand with spontaneity.  “Spontaneity involves a quality of mind, the active opening up which accompanies the thinking of a new idea or trying something a new way. It involves thinking afresh balancing impulse and restraint, and integrating imagination, reason and intuition.

Over the last twenty years I have been exploring, and practicing spontaneity and creativity through theatre, circus, clowning, play and the inner child, dance and music. These are all aspects of play and when brought into therapeutic action through psychodrama, for example, we are able to play as adults in the here and now and discover more positive ways to relate to each other and in the way we relate to the world around us. 

Blatner and Blatner especially refer to the  writings of Alfred North Whithead, Charles Hartshorne, Pierre Teilhard De Chardin, and Ken Wibler among others when they say, “What these thinkers share is a view of the universe as an essentially creative process. Our human role in this process is something similar to the cells in the brain of an evolving, cosmic embryo.
As humans learn to relate to each other more harmoniously, it is as if we are all participating in a great process of awakening.”