About Phil Burgess

The best description I can give for myself comes from My mother-in-law who calls me “a man of many parts.” My own life experiences have taught me the value of creativity in manifesting positive change. When the going gets tough if you find that creative centre then positive change will find its way into your life.

My work experience began when I left school at sixteen as a mediocre student to work as a clerk in an insurance office. This was followed by some years working in various firms mainly on statistics and costings. I was always good at maths. One day whilst sat in my office under artificial lighting in the middle of a factory, I decided that I didn’t want to work in an office any longer. In the local paper I saw a job advertised for a trainee forester, I thought why not? I was coming up to the age of thirty at this point. For the next twelve years or so I worked and trained in forestry. I qualified and became a lecturer at an agricultural college and I developed my own timber and wood craft company. I had a career. At this point it is important, for the change that comes next, to point out that at school I was apparently not good at physical exercise or music or art in any way.

I was in my third major relationship having been divorced twice (I am a slow learner). My partner was interested in theatre and I was encouraged to become involved as well. No way was I going to act so I helped out with back stage and stage management. This didn’t last long. I became entranced with theatre started to take acting roles and it took over my life. There is a long story here but the short version is that I got involved with a community play in the town where I lived and became totally hooked on the whole creative process. Through the skills of the director doors were opened to me that I never even knew existed so when I was given the opportunity to train as a community artist I jumped at the chance. My life was to change once again.

At 40 years of age I found I was able to do cartwheels. I learnt to juggle, unicycle walk the slack rope and became involved in physical theatre, performing on stilts, and playing the flute. I studied creative dance and worked in schools and community centres teaching circus skills, theatre and dance. I fell in love with physical theatre and the whole creative process. I toured Spain with my own theatre company, performing and running workshops. Over the next fourteen years I developed my own workshop skills enabling others to find their own creative selves.

I became very aware of the changes that these activities brought about in children and adults. I noticed an increase in self confidence, how the process developed a greater motivation and a stronger sense of self. Children performed better at school, management teams were more effective, individual found success and satisfaction in their lives and their relationships. This realisation prompted me to take up the study of psychodrama, a group method of using creativity and spontaneity for therapeutic purposes.

Now as a fully qualified psychodrama psychotherapist I work with my artist wife Nicky at our creative and therapeutic centre La Casa del Llanete in the small village of Alpandeire near Ronda, Spain  to facilitate others to use creative ways to bring positive change to their lives. I also offer online therapeutic support and action methods for positive change at Being in Action


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